Here is a list of other, smaller or sillier software that I’ve worked on…

gltps: R code to run Geodesic Low-rank Thin Plate Spline (GLTPS) models a la Wang, H. and Ranalli, M.G. (2007). Low-rank smoothing splines on complicated domains. Biometrics 63(1), 209–217.

vis.concurvity: visualise concurvity between GAM terms.

beyonce: set of colour palettes for R based on the Beyoncé palettes provided at

wiggly: animation to visualise derivatives, 2nd derivatives and hence GAM penalties

watchr: an small R script that checks if a (R markdown) file has changed, then knits it.

horse: an R library for taking people’s tweets, generating a 1st order Markov chain and then using this to generate text that looks like their tweets. A minimal example can be found here.

RXMPP: an R library for communicating via the XMPP protocol (using the wocky library). This is useful if you want to get R to tell you your simulations have finished via Google Talk.

fw2dot: quick hack to get the foodweb output into a format compatible with GraphViz. This allows you to nicely plot which functions call each other in an R package.

Contributions to other people’s software

rphylopic: added support to use base graphics for this package (which allows one to add silhouettes of animals to R plots).

stegasaur: added functionality to hide the code that generated a plot in the plot itself to this package (which implements steganography in R).

staRtrek: an R library for accessing information about the TV series Star Trek. Joint work with internetfriends from Twitter.