Here is a page of papers we read or plan to read as part of the CREEM(ish) spatial modelling reading group.

Future meetings

Next meeting will be ???, 1400-1500 in the boardroom at the Observatory. We’ll be discussing:

Confronting preferential sampling when analysing population distributions: diagnosis and model‐based triage

Proposed by Dave

Potential future papers

(E-mail Dave to have yours added!)

Past meetings


Date Presenter Paper
5 Feb Andy Seaton Does non-stationary spatial data always require non-stationary random fields?
23 April Andy Seaton Double bill Geostatistical inference under preferential sampling and Methods for preferential sampling in geostatistics


Date Presenter Paper
5 Feb Andy Seaton Comparative interpretation of count, presence–absence and point methods for species distribution models
21 Feb Tuomas Rajala Detecting multivariate interactions in spatial point patterns with Gibbs models and variable selection
10 April Andy Seaton Practical Maximum Pseudolikelihood for Spatial Point Patterns and Approximating Point Process Likelihoods with GLIM
3 May Andy Seaton Visualization in Bayesian workflow
31 May Andy Seaton Breeding density, fine‐scale tracking, and large‐scale modeling reveal the regional distribution of four seabird species
20 June Jarno Vanhatalo Non-stationary Gaussian models with physical barriers
8 August Andy Seaton Movement behaviour responses to environment: fast inference of individual variation with a mixed effects model
13 Sept Andy Seaton Linking resource selection and step selection models for habitat preferences in animals
15 Oct Dave Miller Adding Spatially-Correlated Errors Can Mess Up the Fixed Effect You Love git repo
19 Nov Andy Seaton An intuitive Bayesian spatial model for disease mapping that accounts for scaling
14 Dec Janine Illian Careful prior specification avoids incautious inference for log-Gaussian Cox point processes

Other stuff