Spatial modelling etc

David L Miller & Mark V Bravington

International Whaling Commission Scientific Committee 2017

Why are we here/why did we do this?

  • Stratified Horvitz-Thompson is workhorse of many abundance estimates
  • How is H-T going to fail?
  • When do we need to use spatial models?
  • What are “Bad surveys”?
  • Report


  • Today:
    1. what's wrong with H-T?
    2. Spatial models overview
    3. What can go wrong with spatial models?
    4. Testing designs in R
    5. Model checking for spatial models
  • Tomorrow:
    1. What we missed, what is hard
    2. Try out tester on your data
    3. Other methods/software, future work
    4. Guidelines


  • Try not to talk for more than an hour without a break
  • We both have funny accents, yell if you don't understand!
  • There is maths – don't worry

This is not a distance sampling course!

  • This material usually takes 4 days+ to teach
  • This will not prepare you to analyse spatial data
  • BUT you can do this in St Andrews this summer!