Making better decisions about where to put stuff

David L Miller
NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center, Woods Hole, MA

NEFSC Webinar on Cetacean Spatial Analysis
8 February 2016

Disclaimer: this talk is about birds


A windfarm

The Danish Vindmølleindustrien Middelgrunden wind farm of the coast of Copenhagen CC BY-NC 2.0

Data and models

Aerial line transect surveys

More species, more models
(More problems)

Density surface models

Some predictions

Some uncertainty (CV)

Okay, so what do we do?

Combining information

Spatial prioritisation


Figure 1 from Lehtomäki and Moilanen (2013) CC-BY 3.0

Zonation can answer the question:
where should we do this?”
rather than just
“what happens if we do this here?”

Prioritization (weighted)

NOAA map 13205

Winiarski et al (2012)




References (continued)