Accounting for detectability in spatially-explicit abundance models of cetaceans

David L Miller (@millerdl)

University of Bergen – 12 September 2017

Who is this guy?

  • Currently:
    • “Honorary” research fellow at St Andrews
  • Previously:
    • CSIRO Marine Laboratory (close-kin)
    • NOAA North East Fisheries Science Centre
    • Centre for Research into Ecological and Environmental Modelling, St Andrews
    • University of Rhode Island
    • PhD Uni. Bath, UK; GAMs etc w/ Simon Wood
not a real statistician,
not a real ecologist,
knows nothing about whales.

with that in mind...

(a talk)

Abundance and distribution: why?

  • Want to know where they are
    • whale watching/stock assessments
  • Want to know where they aren't
    • Navy/seismic/oil/shipping/fishing etc
  • Want to know what they like/dislike
    • ecology/biology

How? Big white boats