useR! 2015 highlights

David L Miller & Rob Schick

CREEM, University of St Andrews
31 July 2015

General thoughts

useR! 2015 in general

Talks I attended

archivist: Tools for Storing, Restoring and Searching for R Objects

Manipulation of Discrete Random Variables in R with discreteRV

The METACRAN experiment

Classroom experiments

Tiny Data, Approximate Bayesian Computation and the Socks of Karl Broman

The talk I wish I’d attended

Plotting data as music videos in R

Other stuff

Other stuff

Other highlights


Talks I (Rob) attended


Package Cohorts

Simple Reproducibility with checkpoint package

Switching R Environments with switchr

Data Management

readr: Getting your data into R

Testing with testwhat package

assertr: Failing fast and early: assertive/defensive programming for R data analysis pipelines

ensurer package already exists on CRAN

A proposal for distributed data-structures in R

Do Not Repeat Yourself Workflow


Di Cook Plenary

Di Cook Plenary - New Developments

Di Cook Plenary - Challenges to Young Developers

Nice maps for print using the tmap package

d3 and R shiny - making your graphs come to life

shiny and htmlWidgets

Interactive Graphics with ggplot2 and gridSVG

gridGraphics & gridSVG

Where Does grid sit?

loon: Tcl/Tk based interactive visualisation toolkit in R

Teaching statistics with R: shiny

Teaching statistics with R: course management with github